About Us

Spark Egypt deals with organizations of technical qualification with multiple expertise and skills in the latest technical areas. And providing technical solutions and technical consultation with the leader in the field of IT global companies. And lasting alliance with our customers in the field of information technology on the basis of fully meet their needs, and enhance the level of service and the ability they have. And develop joint plans of action, which aims to raise the level of productivity in organizations and the speed of the tasks and the business and the development of human resources by completing a joint action strategy with the client to meet future ambitions and achieve goals.

Spark Egypt executes infrastructure works , Design and implementation of wired and wireless networks. Design and implementation of fiber optic networks (WAN – LAN – VPN – Fiber Optic). Also supplies routers and switches with exclusive price in the market , provide Network security solutions (Firewall & IPS) , Information Security and Voice and Video Calls service solutions (VoIP). Login surveillance cameras and digital control systems and Fire-fighting and alarm systems are available in our store.


  • Internal Network
  • Printers
  • Cameras
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Website Development
  • Creative Designs

Our Mission

To be the first class system integrator of choice in Egypt by serving our customers a consistently high level of quality services and products, while creating and maintaining an environment in which employees flourish to the best of their abilities. The ultimate result is to create outstanding brand value for our shareholders.

Our Vision

Spark Egypt Vision is to extend our experience in Converged Technology System Integration applications to all major verticals , profitably and to the advantage of our clients and suppliers.

Our Values

. Value honesty and professionalism in all people.
. Understand and satisfy our customers.
. Respect and protect the health and safety of all.
. Respect and protect the environment.
. Value our employees.